Publication of Étonnante chimie


From left to right: Antoine Petit, Président of the CNRS ; Jacques Maddaluno, Director of the CNRS Institute for Chemistry; Françoise Combes, Académie des Sciences; Fabienne Chauvières, journalist at France Inter
From left to right: Isabelle Bardies-Fronty, Musée de Cluny; Philippe Walter, CNRS, Sorbonne Université; Caroline Tokarski, CNRS, Université de Bordeaux

Étonnante chimie – Launch Sept 29, 2021, Maison de la Chimie, Paris 7 ème

In September the CNRS published the book ‘Étonnante chimie‘ (Astonishing Chemistry), with the goal to introduce the public to chemistry research through the passionate eyes of those who are at the heart of research in chemistry today. In Étonnante chimie , 80 scientists talk about everyday chemistry, that of the living world and its environment, that which will change our future; they also tell us about women and men who have given this science its letters of nobility.

Under the direction of Claire-Marie Pradier, and coordinated by Olivier Parisel and Francis Teyssandier, this book tells about fifty unusual stories that trace a course at the heart of the major challenges of our society. Astonishing chemistry shows to what extent sectors as diverse as energy, materials, health, or new technologies are progressing thanks to the efforts and discoveries of chemists.

ARCHE co-directors Caroline Tokarski and Julie Arslanoglu co-wrote a chapter of this book, ‘Mystères moléculaires au musée’ (Molecular mysteries at the museum), which discusses some of the ARCHE projects. Currently the book is only available in French, but an English translation is coming!