Daniel visits the University of Bordeaux for training


Daniel Vallejo, currently an NSF Postdoctoral Scholar at the Georgia Institute of Technology, visited the University of Bordeaux to host a workshop and present a talk at the international MaSC conference, and receive training in Professor Caroline Tokarski’s group under the Nerem International Travel Award through IBB at Georgia Tech. Daniel attended the tenth international MaSC conference where he taught a workshop on Native Mass Spectrometry, as well as presented his research. Daniel spent an additional four weeks in Bordeaux where he received hands on training for state-of-the-art Top-down, hydrogen-deuterium exchange (HDX), and matrix assisted laser desorption ionization applications towards objects of cultural heritage such as paintings and gums. We would like to especially thank the Petit Institute at the Georgia Institute of Technology for sponsoring the Robert M. Nerem travel award for this training which will be foundational towards developing critical knowledge in support of his ongoing collaboration with ARCHE and his NSF funded projects.