University of Bordeaux hosts the annual scientific days of the FPS Youth Club


After a delay of two years, the FPS Youth Club was finally able to meet in Bordeaux for their annual scientific days. ARCHE members Catherine Gilbert and Nicolas Desbenoit were directly involved in the organisation of the event, as board members of the FPS and CJ-FS respectively. ARCHE co-director Caroline Tokarski, and ARCHE associated researcher Stéphane Chaignepain presented their work as invited speakers, while Catherine Gilbert, Francesca Galluzzi and Vaclav Krupicka presented as junior speakers. In addition to this, the young researchers were given a tour of the the labs at CBMN, including the new mass spectrometer recently acquired that will be exclusively dedicated to analysis of cultural heritage samples.

Finally, ARCHE member Catherine Gilbert was voted as the best junior presenter for her presentation showing her developments in palaeoproteomics that she has made during her PhD. The prize was €1000 from the French Proteomics Society to go to the HUPO conference in Cancùn in December!

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