ARCHE at ASMS 2021!

31/10/2021 – 4/11/2021


Postdoctoral fellows represented ARCHE at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry Conference in Philadelphia, USA. 

Francesca Galluzzi’s graduate work from the University of Bordeau was presented in her talk titled “HDX mass spectrometry and top-down proteomics to elucidate crosslinking, interactions and conformational changes of proteins in artworks” (Abstract ID number: 307851, ThOH 10:10 am).

This work describes for the first time exploratory investigations of the causes of the chemical and physical modifications to proteins used as paint binders in artworks using novel HDX and cross linking strategies.

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions to the USA, the research was presented in person by Aleksandra Popowich ARCHE member in the Met’s Department of Scientific Research.

Georgia Tech University ARCHE member, Daniel Vallejo, was also in attendance presenting a poster on his completed doctoral research.

Aleksandra Popowich presented work done in collaboration with the Université de Bordeaux and the Metropolitain Museum of Art that was carried out by Francesca Galluzzi during her doctoral research.